Europharm, represented by Mrs Susana Gonçalves, participated to the Clinical trials information system stakeholders' meeting  via Webex on 22 September 2021.

Short Report of this meeting:

1) Training

For Pharma companies there will be Sponsor Master Trainers sessions. The objective is for the trainers to disseminate knowledge within each organization. These sessions will occur in October/November 2021. Training initiatives for SME and Academia will occur in November. All the training material will be available at EMA website.

CTIS Sponsor Handbook – first version published July2021. New version expected mid/end October.

2) Communication

Newsletter: sign in up by emailing at 

Next issue of the newsletter will be in released early October.

A CTIS helpdesk is being set up.

Next events:

·         26th october: “CTIS: the future user perspective” (organized in liaison with DIA)

·         29th November: “Webinar for SMEs and Academia on CTR and CTIS”

3) Other topics:
CTIS User testing activities are ongoing.
CTIS Status - several system validations are ongoing and the system is being improved.